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Busbar for rack and pinion hoist suppliers

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Busbar for rack and pinion hoist suppliers

Postprzez fish26a » 13/1/2020, 06:22

Busbar for rack and pinion hoist suppliers 25mm² Sliding Contact Composite Power n Control Line Hoist Cable
When the construction hoists move up and down, they need power at any time and/or any position. So, the conductive rails are installed in parallel along the running track of the hoists. And the current collectors are assembled on the hoists to get the power from the conductor. The current collector operates synchronously with the moving hoist, and the power supply is obtained from the conductor at any time and/or position to make the hoist move continuously. The sliding contact line is the device that composed of current collector, conductive conduits which hold conductive rails, and relative components.
* Safety: The conduit shell of sliding contact line is made of engineering plastics with high insulation performance. It is wind-proof, rain-proof and snow-proof. The use of the device is not affected by the wind and rain and other bad weather. Its good insulation performance ensures no harm to the maintenance personnel when they touch the contact conduits.
* Reliability: The conductive rails are made of special aluminum alloy profile, with excellent conductivity, rapid heat dissipation, low impedance and line loss. The brushes are made of metal graphite material with high conductivity and high wear resistance. The moving of the current collector is flexible and with good directional performance. The contact arc and the series arc phenomenon are effectively controlled.
* Economy: Sliding contact line device is simple in structure and its conductive rails are made of the special aluminum alloy profile with high density, low resistivity, low loss, can greatly reduce the loss of electric energy. Its length can be added according to the height of hoist mast, which solves the problems of short service life and easy theft of the common cables. At the same time, the conductive conduits can be segmented replaced, no need to change the whole cable in the case of local damage.
* Convenience: Sliding Contact Line integrates multistage bus bar in a conduit, easy assembly. Its fixed brackets, connecting clamps and suspension devices, etc. are provided with common components, very easy to assemble/dismantle, commissioning and repair.
Technical Data
Art. No.: BHFS-5-25D/130
Rated Current130A
Rated Voltage380V / 690V
Conduit Dimension 3016x68x60mm
Conduit Weight 9kg
Insulation Resistance≥0.5MΩ
Dielectric Withstanding VoltageAC 3750V, NO BREAKDOWN AND FLICKERING WITHIN 1 MIN
Protection Grade of ShellIP10
Electrothermal Stability20/rated 1s
Rated Short-time Withstand Current & Rated Peak Withstand Current4.5KA/6.75KA
Ambient Features1, Heat Resistance Test:Normal Type +55°C
2, Low Temperature Test -30°C
3, Heat and Humidity Test: Relative Humidity 95%,+25°C
4, Air Pressure: 86-106KPa
Flame ResistanceSelf Extinguishing
Parameter of Power Transmission LineCompliant with National Standard GB3049 <cable conductor>
Resistance ≤0.028Ωmm2/(+20°C)
Current CollectorTraction Force:F<80N;
Traveling Speed:V<100m/min
ELECTRIC BRUSH PARAMETERResistance Coefficient:0.1-0.35;
Friction Coefficient:0.2
Contact Voltage Drop:0.3-0.1V;
Abrasion after operating 2000km <0.7mm
Effective Abrasion of Brush:4-6mm;
Effective Working Pressure:1.8-2.3N/cm2Busbar for rack and pinion hoist suppliers
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