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Customized Middle Range Laser Distance Sensor

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Customized Middle Range Laser Distance Sensor

Postprzez astao199 » 27/11/2019, 04:09

Laser height measurement sensor
Product Description:
The accuracy of the laser rangefinder depends on the raw pulse returned to the transmitting device. Even if the laser beams are very concentrated and have high energy, they are affected by some factors, and different materials reflect light more or less, affecting the measurement accuracy. In recent years, as market demand has changed, we have continuously improved the measurement range of laser range finder, and we are also improving measurement accuracy to minimize measurement errors. With a measuring distance of 50 meters and a measurement accuracy of 1 mm under standard conditions, this laser rangefinder can provide you with more accurate data.
Picture Show:
Q1: Is there any need to pay attention when using a laser range finder?
A1: Although this product uses the second type of laser, it is also necessary to pay attention not to aim the laser at the human eye. It is not allowed to work under high temperature for a long time. Please pay attention to the instructions.
Q2: When is the delivery after payment?
A2: The general product delivery time is about 3 days, we will contact you if there are special circumstances.Customized Middle Range Laser Distance Sensor
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Re: Customized Middle Range Laser Distance Sensor

Postprzez gabiska » 8/12/2019, 16:01

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